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I am here to recover financial losses and restore peace of mind for my clients. With over 30 years of legal experience, I have successfully recovered more than $50 million for fraud victims including in cases where the fraudster was bankrupt and in prison.

Notable Successes

Fraudster Lee Loomis, Loomis Wealth Solutions Inc.

Recovered over $5,000,000 for 18 victims through a combination of sources including co-conspirators, an insurance company and a restitution fund. All recoveries happened even with Loomis in bankruptcy and prison.

Fraudster James Walker, Senior Care Advocates, Inc.

Recovered more than $6,000,000 for 500+ elderly victims, even despite Walker being disbarred and in bankruptcy.

Fraudsters David Pritchard and Christopher Blauvelt, Gigapix Inc.

Recovered over $2,500,000 for 50 investors misled into investing in a non-existent 3D Wizard of Oz movie, despite the fraudsters’ bankruptcy and imprisonment.

Covenant Care Class Action

Filed a landmark class action against Covenant Care, resulting in an $11,500,000 class settlement for victims of care home staffing breaches in 16 nursing facilities.

National and International Frauds

From 2020 to the present, I have recovered over $5,000,000 for wire fraud scam victims through the Western Union and MoneyGram prosecution settlements. Common scams included fake investments, romances, prizes, and inheritances. I recovered my client’s losses despite not fully knowing the fraudsters’ identities, locations, having complete proof of loss and the frauds having occurred more over 10 years prior.

No Cost, Risk-Free Representation

I believe fraud victims have suffered enough. If I take your case, it will be on a no-cost, risk-free contingency basis. You pay nothing upfront. I advance all costs and effort and only receive a fee when you recover your money.

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